Classification of Nouns: Countable Noun

Countable Noun
is a noun (such as bean or ball) that has both a singular and plural form and can be used after a numeral, after words such as many or few, or after the indefinite article a or an.

Basically as what the noun is called-countable which means can be counted. So, all words that can be counted are classified as countable nouns.

To be able to identify these words, there are several things you need to consider. First, the number; Countable nouns should have both singular and plural forms. Second, it should be or is placed after or identified by a numeral. Third, countable nouns may also be found after words such as many and few if its indication is an indefinite quantity (that is more than one), or after the indefinite articles a or an.

Take a look at these examples:

*Take note that there are words which may seem confusing to classify. Example, leaf-leaves. The question that may arise here is that can you even count the leaves on a tree? Obviously no one would waste time counting them, but following the rule of countable nouns, leaf has a plural form which makes it countable. The same principle will apply the the word paper. Paper in a direct manner is non-countable, but if you are pertaining to a document then it becomes countable.

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Anonymous said...

when are the more advanced lessons coming out

Zab said...

Thanks for dropping by. As of now, I'm still doing things step-by-step, as I can't do my day job and blogging at the same time. Though I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Please wait patiently for more advance lessons, I guaranty you that it'll be worth the wait. For the meantime please continue to support Language Bites. Thank you!

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